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 Welcome to the Community!

 Welcome to the Community!

New Listing
76 days ago
Charlton & Hill Home Services
2620 5 Ave North , Lethbridge - Dan Friesen

What makes Charlton & Hill Home Services unique is that we are Southern Alberta's only company dedicated exclusively to home-service repairs, maintenance and replacements. We don't have any 'big' customers to distract us. We're focused on serving homeowners in their homes in a timely, professional and transparent manner. Our dedication to training and development with our team is second to none. 

p: 403.328.2665
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New Listing
85 days ago
Steel & Vines Wine Bistro
332 5th Street South , Lethbridge - Dave Low
We are a small boutique wine bistro. Our focus is on small locally sourced tapas/sharing style foods as well as small family run vineyards. The art on our walls is all from local artists and available for purchase with 100% of the cost going back to the artist.
p: 587.486.5433
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